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October 2

How To Care For Your Mitsubishi


Learning how to care correctly for your Mitsubishi is a worthwhile investment that will pay off generously in the long run. Treating a good car with the attention that it deserves will keep it running smoothly and reliably well into the future. Mitsubishi recommends favoring a specialised dealer for your servicing and maintenance but the most important thing is that you regularly take care of the following.


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Keep an Eye on Your Tyres

Do not underestimate the importance of monitoring your tyres. Driving your Mitsubishi with underinflated tyres will impact on your vehicle’s safety and handling, cost you more in fuel and significantly shorten the life of the tyre. Find out your tyre’s optimal PSI (Pounds per square inch) and keep them inflated to this level, checking up on this monthly. When it comes time to change your tyres, if you opt for second hand, be sure to only visit a Mitsubishi parts specialist such as Kempy’s Mitsubishi Parts Connection.

It is also advisable to have your tyres rotated on a regular basis and be sure to keep an eye on your wheel alignment. If you notice any steering or handling problems then it may be time to book in with your mechanic to have them realigned.


Check the Fluids

An essential routine task when taking care of your Mitsubishi engine is changing the oil. An engine that is running on regularly changed oil will remain sufficiently lubricated and cooled and will give you the life expectancy that you would anticipate with a Mitsubishi.

Get in the habit of checking your radiator coolant levels when you fill up for petrol and consult your Mitsubishi Vehicle Manual for how to check the levels of your transmission, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluids.


Replace the Filters

Being diligent when it comes to replacing your Mitsubishi’s oil, air and fuel filters is relatively inexpensive. Put simply, doing so will protect your vehicle and lengthen the life of your engine by improving the quality of the fuel and air that is running through it every time that you drive.


Check Your Battery

Nobody wants to find themselves on the side of the road with a vehicle that just won’t start. Whenever you visit your mechanic, perhaps when getting your vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness, ask that they check whether your battery is holding its charge properly. If it isn’t, it is well worth having it replaced before you get a chance to regret it.


When It Comes to Replacing Parts

Over time your vehicle may need parts replaced to maintain the integrity of the vehicle. Don’t delay in having this taken care of and ideally deal exclusively with suppliers who specialize in Mitsubishi so as to get the highest quality of parts and advice for your car. If you live in Auckland, Kempy’s for Mitsubishi is recognized as being the largest specialists Mitsubishi auto dismantler in New Zealand and is also a member of the Parts Connection Group.


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